About Us

Our Promise to our Clients

Always be assured of good quality work, products and services. We handle all Clients with the utmost respect and dignity. We believe in good workmanship, always remaining sensitive to our Client’s needs.

We Believe

We believe everybody (within their homes, Hospitality venues, Corporate Offices) deserves to live, work, and relax within the space of their dreams, daily. We accommodate both once-off projects as well as phased-approach as budget allows.

Earmarked Projects

We accept any residential, hospitality and corporate projects/installations.


Nelson Mandela Bay Metro : Personal Consultation

National/International : Via Skype/Email/Other means of communication


About the decorator

More About The Decorator

Jahne’s passion for design began at a early age. His love for decorating developed through his mother, whom he assisted with installations and fabric choices for curtains and upholstery. Jahne believes in good quality workmanship, attention to detail designs that are practical and, ultimately, beautiful. His love for nature ads to the overall look and feel of his designs, creating a relaxed and flowing style. His interior decorating experience combined with ongoing formal education in interior decorating, leaves him sensitive to his Clients’ needs and he works with the utmost of confidence with any colour palette.


Personal Taste

Jahne loves natural elements such as wooden furniture pieces, cladding and water features. He also likes colours that represent nature including blues, greens and browns.


Interesting Facts

The designer enjoys listening to an array of music in his spare time, watching classic movies and socializing with friends.


Nature is Jahne’s biggest influence. This is incorporated in most of his designs to create a relaxing yet beautiful look.


Why Consider Us?

  • Offer affordable services
  • Low service rates
  • Good quality work
  • Friendly service
  • Budget friendly
  • Go the extra mile to ensure every person can own the space of their dream
  • Reliable sub-contractors




  • A decorator can either work with what you have or start from scratch.
  • Our questionnaire to you will help us understand your personal requirements, practicality and cofort zone.
  • We work closely with each Client thereafter in the exciting realm of best theme, style, beauty and luxury selections for their space/s.


We offer a variety of planning tools. This can range from basic planning assistance to being commissioned for Floor and/or Spatial Plans.



We work with you to design a unique look that fits your unique style. Where required we can source all necessary furniture pieces and accessories according to the theme, style and Client’s requirements.


Consultations charged @ R 150.00 per hour. Consultations range between 1-2 hours depending on the size of the project.